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Herons' leave at 12.00 noon today. Rest of school at 12:15pm.

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We are a friendly school with a real family feel. We place great emphasis on knowing, caring for and supporting all our children and promote positive relationships based on praise and encouragement within a Christian ethos.


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Hooke Court Pictures

Hooke Court Pictures 1
Hooke Court Pictures 2
Hooke Court Pictures 3
Hooke Court Pictures 4
Hooke Court Pictures 5
Hooke Court Pictures 6

Changes Medley

Year 5 Advert Jingles "Ove's Bread"

Here are some of our own jingles to advertise our new bread products.

GEO Bread Rolls

I.S.O. Bread

Hearts and Sprinkles

Bacon Ease

Rising Stars


Visiting Jazz Group

Visiting Jazz Group 1
Visiting Jazz Group 2
Visiting Jazz Group 3
Visiting Jazz Group 4
Visiting Jazz Group 5
Visiting Jazz Group 6
Visiting Jazz Group 7

Songs Through The Decades

Scaplen's Court Trip