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Herons' leave at 12.00 noon today. Rest of school at 12:15pm.

Welcome to The Epiphany School Website

We are a friendly school with a real family feel. We place great emphasis on knowing, caring for and supporting all our children and promote positive relationships based on praise and encouragement within a Christian ethos.




Mr Simpson


Mr. D. Simpson - Headteacher, Curriculum and Assessment Co-ordinator



Miss Webster


Miss V. Webster - Deputy Headteacher, SEN Co-ordinator and Child Protection Officer



Mrs Goode


Mrs. V. Goode - Year R Teacher  



Mrs Gritt


Mrs. K. Gritt - Year R Teacher




Miss. C. Corfield - Year 1 Teacher




Miss. F. Alcock - Year 1 Teacher



Mr Hungerford


Mr. E. Hungerford - Year 2 Teacher



Miss Tarrant


Miss A. Tarrant - Year 2 Teacher



Miss Bairstow


Mrs A. Wyatt - Year 3 Teacher



Mr Toy


Mr. C. Toy - Year 3 Teacher 



Mrs Burton


Mrs. E. Burton - Year 4 Teacher 




Mrs A. Pogson - Year 4 Teacher 



Miss Steele


Miss C. Steele - Year 5 Teacher



Miss Burnett


Miss R. Burnett - Year 5 Teacher



Mrs Compton


Mrs. S. Compton - Year 6 Teacher 



Mr Jenkins


Mr. P. Jenkins - Year 6 Teacher



Mr Lane


Mr. S. Lane - P.E. & Sports Teacher




Learning Support Staff

Mrs. Allison, Mrs. Dyke, Mrs. Lamdin, Mrs. Sharp, Mrs. Shevill, Mrs. Spieler, Mrs. Taylor,

Mrs. Tanswell, Mr. Woodley, Mrs. Haworth, Miss Ward, Mrs Capstack


School Business Manager


Mrs Featherstone


Mrs. J. Featherstone



Administrative Staff


Mrs Biggin


Mrs. J. Biggin



Mrs Theakston


Mrs. J. Theakston



Mrs Atkins


Mrs. S. Atkins



Site Manager


Mr Barber


Mr. J. Barber



Site Staff

Mrs. P. Sadler (Assistant Caretaker)

Mr. M. Marshall (Assistant Caretaker)

Mrs. C. Preece (Breakfast Club Manager)

Mrs. J. Spieler (After School Club Manager)