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Welcome to The Epiphany School Website

We are a friendly school with a real family feel. We place great emphasis on knowing, caring for and supporting all our children and promote positive relationships based on praise and encouragement within a Christian ethos. Should you need information or policies contained on this website translated the school will be happy to do so.

Admission Arrangements

BCP Council manages the admissions process on behalf of The Epiphany School. However, it is the Governing Body, as the Admission Authority for the school, who will offer the available places in line with the Admissions Policy.

BCP publishes an Admissions Booklet each year containing details of relevant dates and how to complete the on-line application form. This can be found on their website



Places are withdrawn in schools every year because parents give a false ‘home address’ on application forms. This includes cases where parents take out a short-term let, use a relative’s address or buy a property solely to use its address on the application form without any intention of taking up permanent residence there.

By submitting an application, parents/carers declare that the information in it is correct. The School will follow up all allegations of potentially fraudulent applications to make sure offers are made to the correct children. The School will carry out spot checks on applications and addresses. Additional evidence may be requested in order to verify addresses and/or other details provided. Checks are made with other agencies for the purposes of verification of details including residence.

The final decision on the home address of a child will be made by The School. If any information supplied by an applicant is judged by The School to be fraudulent or intentionally misleading, The School may refuse to offer a place, or if already offered, may withdraw the offer.

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