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School Uniform

Our Uniform

School Uniform 

The School considers school uniform to be a very important aspect of school life and an indicator of a desire to set a high standard. Following consultation and in order to achieve better value for money for parents and carers we have made some changes to our school uniform.


These are:

  • Epiphany jumpers can be worn by both boys and girls.
  • White shirts and a tie to replace yellow blouses.
  • Navy shorts to replace current green PE shorts.
  • Colour PE bags can be Epiphany branded or of a non-branded nature.

There is a phased rollout for this change with pupils being able to wear old style (for example the yellow blouse) for the next year. This phased approach ends in July 2023. All pupils should wear the new uniform from September 2023.

Branded uniform items can be purchase at:

CJI Clothing

545-547 Wimborne Road,




01202 249244


Uniform List

In class


  • Epiphany jumper or cardigan
  • Grey skirt/pinafore dress
  • Yellow check dress (Summer)
  • Grey trousers
  • Grey shorts
  • White shirt (not polo shirt)
  • Epiphany tie (KS1 – elasticated, KS2 – ordinary)
  • Grey tights – plain (Winter)
  • White or grey socks
  • Black school shoes (no heels or platforms)
  • Book bag – in team colour (for Years R, 1 and 2)



Indoor PE

Outdoor Games

  • Plain navy sports shorts
  • Colour team t-shirt (with or without school logo)
  • Colour team PE bag (with or without school logo)








  • Plain navy sports shorts
  • Plain navy polo shirt, (with or without school logo)
  • Plain navy sweatshirt (with or without school logo)
  • Plain navy jogging bottoms
  • Trainers
  • White sports socks


All clothing worn in school should be marked with the child’s name. This enables us to return all lost property.

Please note:

Skirts should be grey and knee length. It is not acceptable or suitable for children to wear tight skirts, skirts with slits, ankle length or short skirts to school.

Shirt top buttons should be done up until the final half term (June) when children are allowed to remove ties and have their collars open due to the warmer weather.

Trousers should be grey and an appropriate style for school. These are widely available and stocked by our school uniform provider.

Shoes must be flat or very low heeled for safety reasons. The school cannot be held responsible for accidents due to inappropriate footwear. Children are encouraged to have shoes with shoelaces from Year 4 onwards to master this life skill.

Trainers are only worn for games lessons. Children are not allowed to change into their trainers at break time.

Summer dresses (yellow check) can be worn during the summer term and in September if the weather is warm.

Ties do not need to be worn in June and July.



Watches may be worn by children in Year 2 and above. No jewellery should be worn to school except for one pair of plain silver or gold ear-studs. These must be removed by the child before all PE and Games lessons. If you are considering piercing your child’s ears, please do so at the beginning of the summer holidays to ensure they are healed before term starts and can be removed as required. Children will be asked to remove any item of jewellery that does not meet school policy. Items will be kept safely by the class teacher and returned to the children at the end of the day.

Nail varnish and temporary tattoos must not be worn. Should a child attend school with nail varnish or tattoos they will be asked to remove it during the school day.


Long hair (shoulder length or longer) must be tied back with plain hair bands/ slides in school colours (black, brown, yellow, green). This helps prevent the spread of headlice and allows children to concentrate. Children will be asked to remove hair accessories other than simple hair bands. Haircuts must be of an even length with no shaved patterns, definite steps, or noticeably differing grades. Hair gel, hair colouring or styling products are not permitted at any time. Children are allowed to wear headscarves for religious beliefs.


Pupil Premium

If you are in receipt of Pupil Premium you are entitled to support with the cost of school uniform, including school shoes and coats, equating to a total of £70.00 an academic year. You will be asked to keep all receipts and be reimbursed.

Used Uniform Sale

Each term there is a used uniform sale of second-hand high-quality uniform. There will also be a sale of used uniform during the Welcome to New Parents’ Meeting in June.


We encourage all children to wear their uniform with pride in which contributes to the wider community ethos of the school. Therefore, jumpers should not be tied around waists, long hair must be tied back and shirts should be tucked in.