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Curriculum Intent

The Epiphany School curriculum is designed for children to experience a meaningful, relevant learning journey, within a culture of excellence, throughout their time with us. Our high expectations are embedded throughout the curriculum in all that we do. The Epiphany’s core values of Love, Courage and Respect shape and enrich every aspect of the curriculum. Our curriculum is inclusive; it has been designed to ensure all our children achieve, including those with SEND and our disadvantaged children.


The curriculum prepares each individual child and ensures that they can become:

· Ready for their next step in education

· A learner who has passion and who has experienced excellence in a subject and/or subjects

· A member of society who is able to make a positive contribution to their community


Reading is at the heart of our curriculum. At The Epiphany School, we believe reading is the best tool we can give our children, in order for them to access the whole curriculum and to shape them into independent, life-long learners. As well as being taught discretely, reading is integrated across all subjects.


We deliver a broad, ambitious curriculum, which is progressively challenging in terms of knowledge acquisition, as well as the development of skills. Learning builds on children’s prior knowledge and understanding in a logical order through careful planning and sequencing. Within subject disciplines, key concepts are embedded and developed from Early Years to Year 6. In doing so, children are able to connect abstract ideas and deepen their understanding of what they have learned.


We follow the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum and EYFS with a deliberate focus on certain elements, to ensure depth of learning for our children. Our two curriculum drivers, enquiry and vocabulary, are woven throughout all subject disciplines. The school’s context and location influence curriculum choices also. We recognise that effective CPD is integral to developing our curriculum; the decisions we make with regards to the curriculum are intentional and driven by evidence-based research.  


The Epiphany School inspires each child to develop their individual passion and find excellence within this, be it in an academic subject, sport, music or the arts. Such subjects are highly valued at The Epiphany School and enrich the holistic curriculum offer that we provide.


Our children are encouraged to make a positive contribution to their community, to society and the wider global community. Opportunities for children to make such contributions are an integrated part of our curriculum, as well as prospects for supporting charities and people in need. Designing the curriculum in this way allows our children to develop a good moral compass that is underpinned by our Christian values.